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Diversity is the word that best describes the past, present, and future of the United States. United by a core culture and shared beliefs in certain ideals, the nations peoples have not always understood their common bond nor openly accepted one another as equals. As we approach the future, we so with the educational (syllabus, display) attainment of all Americans rising. If knowledge is power, perhaps that reality will lead us to greater appreciation and tolerance for one another. This display is an attempt to enhance that understanding.

For SEEMS (State Equal Employment Managers), Air National Guard Human Resource Advisors and EOAs (Equal Opportunity Advisers) in the military, we need to comprehend the larger context and patterns within which the dynamics of inter-group relations exist. We need to realize that pluralism has always been part of the U.S. experience and does not threaten either the assimilation process or the cohesiveness of society. We need to recognize that race and ethnicity are simply others peoples humanity. Our displays are built to acknowledge that diversity is the nation's strength, not its weakness; and when that happens, you have actually become a part of society that is even stronger. Our (CBA) efforts are to develop military society connections within the communities we live, with awareness and appreciation for the impact of non-European civilizations on U.S. culture. The intent is to give you the latest images as well as text to share with your command, base, community and to celebrate your awareness of others that will build the pillars of your community no matter where you are.

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Experience the diversity of our country with photos and historical background of the following events:

African American History

Civil Rights's Movement

Native American History

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


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